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This is Gedding's new website and over the next few weeks you will find more and more local information on here.  If you have any ideas or contributions please email the


Gedding Church

About Gedding

The village of Gedding lies approximately 6 miles South East of Bury St Edmunds.  It comprises of 35 houses including Gedding Hall.  It is surrounded by beautiful Suffolk countryside and has easy access of the A14.  The village does not have a Parish Council but has a bi-annual Parish Meeting, the current chairman is Richard Vass.  Gedding took part in the Gedding and Felsham Parish Plan which hopes to build on the suggestions of the residents. 


Gedding has close links with Felsham and amongst other things we share the Village Hall and the Playing Fields - to access information on Felsham:Visit Felsham's website

Information on Village Diary is also on the Felsham website.

Parish Meeting Minutes